About the Book

In the book, Sales Through the Eyes of a Climber, I describe my unusual journey to learning sales. Why unusual? Because several years of trial and error took place not just in front of customers, but on the face of vertical rock walls. It was largely while climbing that I began to see things in a new way, with fresh ideas that applied equally to life on the rock as they did on the ground, in front of customers. The process wasn't short, and it wasn't easy. Over time I developed as a climber and as a salesperson-both due to paying attention, letting go of old ways, and considering things in a new light. This book describes my journey, the adventure and how I took those experiences and applied them to sales.

Reader reviews

"I see more clearly ways to break down communication to better understand others and their needs beyond sales! The thrill of the climb was an added bonus and written in a way that I felt I too was on the wall! Couldn’t put it down! " - Jason Vahle

"Yes, it is about rock climbing and sales and explores the interrelationships between both to succinctly explain nuances and it is gripping from beginning to end. However, it also shows the grit, determination, gumption and perseverance to stick it out and the ability to look within to realize what can be changed to achieve ultimate success and more importantly, fulfillment from our chosen vocation, be it sales or rock climbing. Woven beautifully also showing life as it should be lived despite headwinds, stumbles and roadblocks, underlining the importance of those that we value most, be it people or principles. I liked that the finger is always pointed inwards at what one can change within oneself to bring about change for the better. I am ordering more copies to share with others! " - Dan Tanjavur

"What a great read! Sales Through the Eyes of a Climber opened my eyes to effective communication skills. I found the core principles listed by the writer to transcend both sales and climbing, finding them effective with all of life's communication needs. If you are looking to do away with an obsolete approach to sales and effective communication, look no further. Sales Through the Eyes of a Climber provides an out of the box approach with both a relatable story and an incredible experience to help drive home the core principles of sales and communication! A must read for anyone looking to expand their skill set!" - Christopher C Dunlap

"Fantastic read that pulls you in and navigates the mind through sales!" - John Viser

"Loved every aspect of the book I’m not a climber but I am in sales, and this is Gold!!!!" - Brian Cooperider